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Have fun with Pardo's predictions and imitate Gumball's gestures and faces!

We are at home, connected, animated ... And together! cartoon Network think about families and that's why he presents his new interactive filters so that fans continue to have fun with the characters of the channel on their social networks. Brown, of Scandalous, and Gumball, of The incredible world of Gumball, will be the stars this time.

The new filters are already available in the Cartoon Network's official profile at Instagram. In Discover your future, Pardo will answer - or not - any question you have. You can find out if you will like his answer or just make you laugh. You just need to start recording and click to make your Seer Brown prediction appear!

If yours are the challenges from the internet, you can't miss Imita a Gumball. Scared, bored, laughing, and other indescribable emotions that only by imitating Gumball will you understand.

And to continue together at home, we recommend you visit CN Here We Are, Cartoon Network's new digital destination with ideas to have fun and take care of yourself during this period of social isolation. Move your body, sing, stay creative, draw and much more.

Discover your future with Pardo, or take the Gumball inside you with the new Cartoon Network Instagram filters!

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