Aprender jugando

The entire world is going through an exceptional moment in which it is necessary to follow the instructions of the Government and the health entities in order to prevent the Coronavirus from continuing to spread and leaving thousands of patients in its wake. It is our duty to take the necessary precautions so that people stop dying from this strange disease.

That is why today my dear mujeres x el mundo, I come with information that you will love and at the same time it will be very useful for these two weeks in which we must be at home with our little ones.

I have seen many of you on the Internet ask about game options, ways of learning, how to distract your young children in the middle of the confinement and it is understandable because as women and mothers we are always thinking about their well-being.

As many know early childhood is the most important stage of the human being since it is where the vital aspects that will allow him to grow and form correctly are developed and strengthened. Boys and girls find in this stage the opportunity to learn to communicate, relate and deal with different aspects of their lives; the correct diet, a committed accompaniment and learning through play, which is where we are going to focus.

For this I invite you to enter http://bit.ly/RedMujeresxMundo where you will find a Learning Games Kit that will help you discover how playing with your sons and daughters can be an optimal learning and development engine for their motor and cognitive skills, among many other things.

Moms, dads, teachers and professors, everyone is invited to learn, apply and share this content in the midst of this unexpected crisis but in order to make Early Childhood a commitment in which we all participate.

Let’s say everyone #IStayHome and let’s sit down with our little ones to play and learn. What better plan than to enjoy as a family during these days of forced confinement?

Don’t forget to go to http://bit.ly/RedMujeresxMundo so that you have your list of games to learn together!

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