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The first season of Seinfeld arrives on the Warner Channel on Sunday, June 14, at 11:50 a.m. (ARG / CHI / COL / MEX), with the broadcast of its five episodes in a marathon.

Seinfield It is listed as one of the most successful series of all time, achieved truly impressive audience figures, and created a unique way of doing comedy. Warner channel is inviting us to a marathon to see the first 5 episodes of the series, it is certainly a good family plan for this weekend and either because you saw it at the time or because you have no idea what series we are talking about, from MujeresXelmundo want to tell you what this success of TV is about.


A series about nothing. That was how the comedians of stand up Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David explained their idea for a series to executives on a television channel in the United States in the late 1980s. After nine seasons and 124 episodes, Seinfeld Not only did she get ten Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes, but she changed the history of television and is considered one of the most important sitcoms of all time for speaking in an innovative way, with great irony and good humor on those matters considered taboo and controversial.


With a successful outreach to critics and audiences, the production follows Jerry Seinfeld in his seemingly calm everyday life: eating cereal, doing laundry in the laundry, doing presentations on stand up, maintaining personal relationships and receiving unexpected visits from the rest of the protagonists. His best friend, since he was a teenager, is George Constanza, and much of what happens is based on the real life of series co-creator Larry David. Between countless job changes, awkward situations with his parents and girlfriends, George can be described as hot and neurotic. Elaine Benes is an ex-girlfriend of Jerry's who became friends with her and always imposes her strong personality that causes unusual situations. Kramer is Jerry's funny neighbor and one of the main people in charge of unforgettable moments with his extravagances and physical humor.

Seinfeld was starring Jerry seinfeld, who played a namesake character, Jason Alexander (George Constance), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes) and Michael Richards (Kramer).


Relevant data from the series:

  • Audience leader for years.
  • The final episode was watched by over 75 million viewers in 1998.
  • Although its pilot was released on July 5, 1989, it was not until May 31, 1990 when production had the green light to show its first season.
  • Among the many awards obtained, the three Golden Globes they considered the categories of Best Comedy / Musical Series, Best Actor (Jerry Seinfeld) and Supporting Actress (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and ten awards Emmy which included Best Comedy Series, Best Actress and Supporting Actor (Michael Richards), Best Screenplay and Best Editing.
  • In addition to the quirky, mundane style of humor, quite different from what other sitcoms were doing at the time, Seinfeld She was also innovative in the way that she tackled controversial issues like racism, abortion, and homophobia with a lot of irony and sarcasm.

Do you know the series? Which chapter would you recommend?

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