Skin Marks

We all present somewhere on our skin moles, freckles or spots, either from birth or those that appear at a certain moment in our lives and that is why it is common not to pay them the attention they require, however, the spontaneous appearance of spots on the skin and their appearance is of utmost importance and requires our full attention.

Even without being exposed to the sun, there are parts of the body that can have skin cell-related tumors or melanomas.

According to whoIt is estimated that 132,000 cases of malignant melanoma (the most harmful skin cancer that exists) occur worldwide each year, and approximately 66,000 people die from this and other types of skin cancer.

Every May 23 is World Melanoma Day and medical organizations and pharmaceutical entities take advantage of this situation to generate campaigns that strengthen knowledge, early detection and timely treatment of this disease.

Early and timely diagnosis of melanoma has a significant effect on survival and morbidity associated with treatment.

Since Red Mujeres X El Mundo we want to join one of these campaigns called "Find The Point"  is led by the pharmaceutical Bristol Myers Squibb and its objective is to contribute to the early diagnosis of complex oncological pathologies, making the population aware of this disease through an active call to identify risk factors.

We share 5 key aspects for you to analyze your skin.

Asymmetry: Polka dot with asymmetric shapes.

Edges: Irregular edges.

Colour: Inhomogeneous color, that is, two or more colors in the same area.

Diameter: Diameter greater than 6mm.

Evolution: Changes in size, shape, color, or otherwise.

Some risk factors such as age, race and family history cannot be controlled, however there are precautions that we can take on a regular basis to reduce the risk of melanoma or any type of skin cancer.

You know, self-care is key and with these tips you can check your skin and that of your children or family.

Do not keep this information, share it and help others become aware too.

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